Simon Family Trip

In 1985, Patty and I traveled “around the world” for 7 months to get outside of our bubble and identify areas where we could become engaged to make a difference. Before our children were even conceived of, we decided that we wanted to share this transformative experience with them. Almost 15 years later, when our children were 6, 8, and 10, (old enough to appreciate it but young enough to make a big impression) we took them out of school to spend a year traveling throughout the developing world. This dramatically shifted all of our perspectives on the world: we experienced places directly, without media filters, spent time with people to understand our similarities and learn from our differences, and celebrated the unique culture of each location. Of course, spending time together as a family was the best!

This website documents our trip through journal entries, photos, itinerary, flight plan, and press clippings. Take a look and contact us with any questions!