Ben – Dec 19-21, 1999

December 21, 1999

Dear Mrs. Cain,

I am having a good time in Guatemala. Yesterday we went to the market in this place [Antigua]. There was food, toys and Christmas stuff. The people sewed their clothes really interesting and they carry stuff on top of their head and they don’t even use their hands and they have a flat hat so that the things don’t fall off of the top of their head. I got a Tintin book and it is in Spanish and my daddy speaks Spanish so he can read it to me. I got a cell phone, and my mommy got these little things (Plaster cr˛che pieces). After the market we all had dinner in the room and we cooked it ourselves and it was great. Before that we went and got bread

This morning we can see a volcano from my room with ice and snow on the top. The lava would melt the ice when it shoots out, but my dad says that it is not working any more [inactive] so there will not be any lava.

Daddy is having a hard time on the computer and he says I can’t use Mathblaster now because it is making a problem with the computer and he is trying to fix it. I am telling him that it is not that Mathblaster is making the problem.


December 19, 1999

Dear Mrs. Cain,

This is the journal I am writing on my last night in Costa Rica. My favorite thing in Costa Rica is jaguar. I didn’t see a jaguar but my brother did at the Lookout Inn. Lookout Inn was a place you stay. The longest you would stay is for a week, or you would get tired of it. It had a swimming pool and 3 doggies, Smoky, Barney and Coco. When you didn’t know them, they bark at you. At lookout Inn I went horseback riding and I went swimming and I played with the doggies and I made a fort on the beach with my sister and my daddy. My brother and my mom were taking a walks. I saw scarlet macaws, but my daddy didn’t take a picture of a scarlet macaw. The colors were blue and red and yellow and green. We also took a hike and saw a beautiful view of the Ocean and the lagoon that had crocodiles that we didn’t see but we tried to. We did see alligators and crocodiles at another place and we saw great green macaws.

We also saw monkeys. There were squirrel monkeys, white face capuchin monkeys, howler monkeys and spider monkeys.

The most interesting thing I learned was vines grow up, not down, and you cant’ swing on vines, like I thought you could (but you can swing on the peapod vine things). I saw vines all over – they are everywhere- even in the places I stay.

The most dangerous thing was the bullet ant. It can’t kill you but it can make you throw up for 2 days and have a fever. But the most dangerous thing I ever saw was a shark in the aquarium in Boston, but that doesn’t count – that counts in my Newton journal.

My favorite place was Lookout Inn because I saw scarlet macaws and toucans and a so, so shiny bright beetle and hummingbirds and I saw a beautiful moon. It was a full moon.

My favorite person was Terry at Lookout Inn, because he called me Gus and Snort and Dan and he was a real joker, he jokes around with kids all the time.

I am having a good, good time on my big long trip

I beat Mathblaster on the computer when we were in Tortuguero, where we went on cool boat rides, but sometimes it wasn’t so interesting when it was raining, and I saw turtles for the only time, so far, on my trip.

We are going to go to Guatemala tomorrow. This is the last day in Costa Rica, and I am very sad because love Costa Rica but maybe I will love Guatemala, so it is not so bad.