November 11, 1999

Only 2 weeks to go, and we are very pleased to report that due to the hard work of the our website is now “live”.

We are now REALLY in final preparations. We just purchased our Round-the-World Tickets (39,000 miles on the United / Thai / Lufthansa Star Alliance), are working on closing the final real estate deal, meeting with computer consultants till 11:30PM to make our notebooks Y2K compliant (they may be the only compliant devices in Guatemala over the Millenium), getting final shots, shopping (e-commerce is very real – should be sending us thank you notes!), packing and otherwise preparing.

We are thrilled that good friends are throwing a “going away party” for us this weekend. It will be exciting but sad to say good-bye for 9 months.

November 26 we leave for San Jose, Costa Rica to begin the adventures. Please join us in our journey through this website, and please send us e-mails to let us know what you are up to.

Best wishes

Patty, Dick, Alex, Katie and Ben