October 29, 1999

The Simon Family is now in FINAL PREPARATIONS for our BIG TRIP. With Thanksgiving Friday as the departure date, we are scrambling to try to complete all of the trip logistics, ‘home schooling’ planning, remote business operation organization, purchasing and packing, accelerating 3 children’s birthday parties into the month before we leave so that they don’t “miss” anything, final volunteering at the school, and saying good-bye for 9 months to our friends and family. We keep reminding ourselves that this is “the trip of a lifetime”, and to enjoy and not get too bogged down or panicked by the daunting tasks in the few weeks remaining. (At 3 AM the “reminder” is sometimes forgotten!) We are extremely excited and the adrenaline is flowing.

Current Itinerary Plans

December 1999 – Costa Rica / Guatemala
January 2000 – Honduras / Mexico
February 2000 – Thailand / India
March 2000 – Nepal / Bhutan
April 2000 – Japan / China
May 2000 – Egypt / TBD
June – August 2000 – Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe