Dick Simon is an entrepreneur, social enterprise philanthropist and catalyst for change. He co-founded the Peace Action Network (PAN) of YPO, a network of over 29,000 international CEOs. PAN addresses conflict resolution on local and global levels.  He launched the kNOw THEM Initiative to raise awareness about the most dangerous four-letter word in the English language, THEM.

Currently, he is involved with organizations pursuing FDA and European Medical Association clinical trials for mental health (PTSD, depression) treatments using psychedelic medicines. He is working to shift public perspective and reduce stigmatization related to the use of these medicines and is also working with researchers studying psychedelic treatments for a wide range of indications as well as their possible use in conflict resolution.

Simon’s photographs and personal accounts from areas around the world that are generally seen only as adversaries in the West have appeared in major media as well as national galleries and museums. He speaks about his work in presentations all over the globe.

Dick’s personal website which features resources, photographs, articles, press, and more.
The kNOw THEM America Bicycle Trips detail trips to get past THEMification in my own country. 
The kNOwTHEM Initiative raises individual and collective awareness about the power and dangers of THEM and THEMification.